A downloadable game for Windows

Narios is trapped in the dimensions of waterfall! you must survive and for this you can travel in the frozen sea, visited random generated islands (and you can fight enemies,keep their bonus and treasures) and keep the 100 Crimson Spheres of the dimension!

roguelike because the island in the frozen sea will be spawned randomly (16 at level) and for the use of rare and powerful objects (the spirits);
arcade because you can make points with the Crimson Spheres;
shooter because you can shoot and change arms;
survival because you have a countdown and you will lost your energy:for survive you can kill the enemies for refill the timer and keep the treasures of the islands!

Install instructions

Remember: In this folder there are a _Data folder and a .exe file. Open the game with .exe file and NOT move the _Data folder


Narios.zip 46 MB