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Magic Legend is a platform game in which Narios must return to his kingdom also freeing his people by the power of the vials will find that in its return journey.

Platform! The game 'platform: Narios go through 10 levels, defeating enemies, jumping from one platform to another and finding 10 vials hidden.
Indie! This game has an alternative to the platform: Narios when it arrives in a world can freely choose which of the three levels in the world do. You choose your way!
Music! For Magic Legend we chose to put 5 tracks of the composer DylansMusic. The music you hear create the feeling of playing more to an RPG than a platform, but you will be surprised and delighted by these traces carefree that will accompany you in the game
Final! Except for the L 0 (tutorial level) you have to collect the vials to free your people otherwise ...
Enjoy with Magic Legend! This is my first very important game: comment and tell me something! thanks :)




magic legend 1.0.zip 33 MB